Success Story

My experience with the tool was excellent. The efficiencies gained, allowed my staff to increase workload by over 300 percent without increase to headcount.

Tom Ferrazzano, Senior Director Enterprise Document Management

The Challenge

Approving member benefit communications was a manual process involving a lot of paperwork and physical routing of materials. The review process required an immense attention to detail, but ultimately relied on the human eye. In addition to this, stricter regulations required faster turnaround times and auditing of the review process to ensure due diligence was followed on every document that eventually made it into a member’s hands. A solution to overcome this situation was needed.

The Solution

The solution to this was established as a phased approach to addressing each pain point independently, with the underlying goal of improving the process as a whole. The challenge was broken down into the following components, investigated, resolved and deployed:

Document Routing

Through the online workflow editor, the existing manual processes were converted into a digital format. Assignments, decisions and deadlines are now automatically managed by Blue Relay so the managing the process itself is no longer overhead. Valuable resources can now be devoted to reviewing the documents before they go out to members instead of being tasked with the question – “Who do I need to give this to?”. The documents are automatically ingested, categorized and assigned the appropriate workflow, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Attention to Detail

Iterative document life cycles allow small changes to be made to a document to preserve the progress made. Blue Relay encourages this process by helping to identify which changes are made and evaluate whether they had a positive impact or not. The side-by-side compare feature is used on every document before it is marked as approved. Without this tool, a simple typo, phone number change or sentence fragment could have easily slipped past the manual review process – not anymore!

Process Efficiency

By instructing Blue Relay how decisions should be made, such as “If the document is ABC, send it to John. If the document is DEF, send it to Mary”, the process quickly became more efficient and much more reliable. Walking the halls to deliver a stack of papers to the next person for review was eliminated. Blue Relay was now sending the documents to the next step in the approval process instantly and in parallel. Previously, the only way to achieve parallel processing was to print multiple copies of each document. Today, very few documents are printed and document approvals happen in parallel which reduces the overall waiting time for a document and enables the organization to fulfill the demanding regulatory guidelines that are enforced upon them.

Optics and Visibility

In the past, multiple spreadsheets had to be manually updated daily in order for managers to have any insight into the process. This mundane effort was both tedious and not up to date. Instantly, by bringing the existing manual processes into a digital environment, everyone has real-time access to the status of all documents at their fingertips. Quick highlights are provided in a graphical format on the Dashboard, yet the details of all assets are visible with a single click. Blue Relay’s custom report builder allows each individual to access the data that is relevant to them instead of having the system tell you what data you can access.

The Benefits

Real-time Information

Immediately: Access to up to the minute status reports

Overhead Reduced

3 months: Reassignment of tasks due to lack of need for manually updating spreadsheets

Productivity Improvements

6 months: Review cycle time efficiency improved by 75% 12 months: Review cycle time efficiency improved by 300% 24 months: Number of review cycles required reduced by 400%

Blue Relay for Healthcare and Health Insurance

Initially designed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of tight document approval timelines in the Healthcare industry, Blue Relay has taken manual review processes and moved them into highly customizable, visible and automated processes. With two-way API services we connect into SharePoint, customer communication platforms, production services and more so you have full operational visibility in real-time.

For many years, our team has worked closely with the healthcare industry to fully understand and address the risks associated with document review processes and member communications in order to provide a robust, industry-specific solution. As a result of this focus and in-house expertise, our clients find that Blue Relay delivers functionality and features that have not yet been met by other industry tools.

Learn more about Blue Relay’s solution for the healthcare industry here.

Express Scripts Holding Company is a Fortune 100 company, as of 2013, the 20th-largest in the United States and is the largest pharmacy benefit management (PBM) organization in the United States, with 2013 revenues of $104.62 billion.

Blue Relay, as part of Indellient, is a America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) member. Built to address the compliance & risk issues associated with document reviews and approvals, Blue Relay provides AHIP members the visibility and tools needed to achieve operational excellence.

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