How to Be More Efficient with Your Member Communication Processes

Empower Your Team With Effective Tools

Preparing member insurance communications is costly, labor-intensive and with lack of visibility, payers are prone to compliance risk. With increasingly strict regulations to deliver more accurate and timely benefit information, our health payer clients have taken steps to better manage these challenges. From Welcome Kits, Open Enrollment Periods, Administrative documents and more, payers can become more efficient.

Say Goodbye To Process Challenges

Our software integrates with your legacy applications and tools to bring visibility, automation and compliance checks to your entire communication development environment. With Blue Relay you can begin to:

Deliver timely and relevant communications

Improve cross team collaboration and increases agility in creation and review processes.

Improve your visibility for greater control

Get instant visibility of deadlines, and individual workloads.

Improve compliance adherence

Take advantage of tools that allow you to meet compliance requirements set by regulatory bodies.

Get updates quickly

Make use of enhanced project status reporting, available in real-time.

Easily Manage Large Review Cycles

With a powerful suite of business features like automated task assignment, notifications, detailed reporting and dashboards, document and status tracking, collaboration and quality assurance tools, Blue Relay properly addresses the challenges stated above.

Now more than ever you can manage large review cycles for several programs without adding personnel or resources.

Benefit From a Highly Flexible Platform That Fits Your Needs

Our powerful application is backed by an experienced team of software developers and industry experts who are committed to meeting your specific business requirements. Blue Relay’s highly configurable platform is built to seamlessly operate within your current business processes and tools – providing an extra layer of visibility, in real-time.

We are focused on meeting not only your specific project requirements, but we are invested in meeting your key metrics over time. In that way we are a partner in your success, not simply a project manager.

Hear From Our Customers

My experience with the tool was excellent. The efficiencies gained, allowed my staff to increase workload by over 300 percent without increase to headcount.

Tom Ferrazzano

Senior Director Enterprise Document Management
Express Scripts Inc.
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