Blue Relay for Marketing and Communications

We know that with the right technology mix, your team can tackle the barriers that exist in providing personalized customer experiences as well as increasing your agility and speed to deliver exceptional collateral.
It’s not about an all-in-one solution. It’s about the right mix of best-in-breed.

Improve Speed from Concept to Delivery of Personalized Materials

Blue Relay offers robust and intuitive document workflow, collaboration and management software that fully equips teams to handle complex processes. We can connect a multitude of environments and data points to make the document creation process seamless. For example, we can help merge variable information into templates for a more personalized customer experience.

This interoperability significantly improves business processes to help deliver more value-rich documents to customers while reducing operating expenses.

Increase Agility and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks in document review processes are often the result of inefficient status tracking, lack of customizable workflow abilities and lack of clear visibility into the process as a whole. Blue Relay eliminates process bottlenecks with its robust and intuitive workflow and dashboard reporting.

The workflow ability of Blue Relay takes care of the decision making and routing between approvals and/or steps in an automated way. As part of the workflow, automatic email notifications can be enabled to inform reviewers of next steps. Coupled with a configurable dashboard, your team can easily see areas of urgency, workload and more.

Increase Collaboration and Efficiency

Marketing and communications organizations and teams identify that content approval processes are inefficient and complex. Blue Relay helps to significantly reduce these process challenges. By integrating into your current technology environments, we can provide the visibility needed to begin assessing your processes and workloads to then properly automate workflows for greater efficiency.

Document review tools such as compliance checklists, annotative abilities and side-by-side document comparisons allow for greater collaboration, version control and accuracy resulting in documents that meet your standards.

Agility in Marketing Operations with Best-of-Breed Technologies

The industry is constantly changing. Organizations cannot continuously change platforms – rather they must use technologies that are ineroperable, flexible and configurable with legacy systems. Integrated platforms allow each toolset to seamlessly operate within current business needs to improve processes, provide operational efficiencies and an extra layer of visibility. Read our take on best-of-breed technology solutions.

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