Blue Relay for Health Insurance

Preparing member insurance communications is time-consuming, labor-intensive and prone to compliance risk. With increasingly strict regulations to deliver more accurate and timely benefit information, you need to be able to move with precision.
We’ve designed our software to do just that.

Live Dashboard Visibility

Track what is happening on a moment-by-moment basis with configurable dashboards that let you see all priorities and document statuses. Quickly identify bottlenecks and areas of urgency through your live dashboard.

With real-time custom reporting you can immediately access information that is relevant to you.

Increase Task Efficiency

Work more efficiently with digital workflows that automate hand-off processes between colleagues. Equipped with email notifications, you can easily stay on top of due dates to ensure SLA adherence is a top priority. No longer worry about continually following up on document statuses, forgetting a step in the review process or missing deadlines. Automate tasks between different environments – like customer communication platforms, file systems, production services and more – giving you a central command.

Accelerate Review & Approval

Documents being filtered through multiple stakeholders can get cumbersome – especially during tight deadlines and when health payers are already scrambling to meet SLAs. Blue Relay ensures documents are efficiently reviewed every step of the approval process by quickly assigning tasks and allowing users to provide feedback on documents in real-time.

Meet Compliance Goals

Mitigate risk with compliance checklists that are embedded in each review stage. These facilitate approvals, eliminate mistakes and reduce review time as all requirements are clearly stated.

Smart side-by-side comparison tools allow you to accurately identify changes between document revisions including a full audit trail.

What Our Customers Say

Faced with reviewing and updating thousands of paper-based health insurance notifications each month, Express Scripts needed a simplified way to improve turnaround times while increasing efficiency. Learn how this Fortune 25 Health Insurance Plan organization significantly improved productivity & risk management with their document processing.

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What Our Partners Say

Concord is thrilled about the recent partnership with Indellient. Over the past several years our healthcare customers have been faced with numerous time-sensitive updates to member materials that must abide by increasingly strict regulations. Our clients were in need of a tool to help streamline their document development processes and ensure they could continuously meet compliance requirements. Blue Relay is the solution that addresses this and goes beyond.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Concord Marketing, LLC

An Award Winning Solution

We are honored to receive the Excellence Award in Quality Improvement from the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI). In 2017, we proudly accepted the award at the PBMI Annual Conference for the efficiency we bring to the health payer and PBM industry.

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