Blue Relay for Government

Help alleviate budget constraints by reducing the significant time and money funneled into document creation, review and approvals. Understanding the need for greater efficiency with these processes, we designed our software specifically for this gap.
Seamlessly create and circulate documents for approval while meeting tight deadlines.

Better Utilize Budgets and Resources

With our highly customizable, automated workflows you no longer need to worry about continually following up on document statuses, forgetting a step in the review process or missing deadlines.

Blue Relay automates the hand-off processes between stakeholders with email notifications to ensure deadlines are clearly stated and met. All workflows are designed with if/then statements and based on your business logic.

Increase Visibility and Efficiency

With a smart dashboard as your command control, you can have full visibility into deadlines, areas of delay, workloads by team/project/employee, document status and more. The dashboard is fully interactive allowing you to easily narrow in on a document to make changes, address a potential missed deadline or view the document changes.

Make use of real-time, fully customizable reporting for quick access to the latest updates right before you run to your next meeting.

Increase Accuracy

Easily collaborate with both internal and external teams while reducing the mundane tasks associated with multi-stakeholder review cycles. We have simplified how stakeholders can provide and share feedback while keeping visibility into where the document is at any given time. Need to update templates? Easily process changes in bulk to increase time efficiency and reduce errors.

Compliance checklists are embedded in each review stage to facilitate approvals, eliminate mistakes and reduce review time as all requirements are clearly stated. With smart comparison tools you can accurately identify changes between document versions allowing for a full audit trail and greater visibility into the lifecycle of each document.

Integrate Seamlessly

For better integration into your work environment, our two-way API services can connect into environments, such as SharePoint, to ensure you maintain document management protocols. Looking to monitor your documents across multiple environments? Our API service can centralize information from a variety of environments into one central dashboard for easier management. The services can also automate tasks between environments such as passing from development to production.

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