Electronic document routing at your fingertips! Blue Relay seamlessly provides visibility into processes through status tracking, customized reports and a configurable dashboard. Eliminate manual document routing between key stakeholders – save time and go Blue!

Document Approval

Blue Relay gives you the ability to efficiently approve documents through customizable workflows and processes.

With integrated checklists, detailed accounts of common issues are recorded and tracked so you can take action and prevent future issues.

Using real-time dashboard reporting, Blue Relay ensures documents don’t get lost during the approval process and that your targeted SLAs continue to be met.

Collaboration Efforts

Working together has never been easier!

Whether your team is on location; or spread across the continent, Blue Relay keeps you working together. Quickly assign tasks to each other and provide feedback on documents as they route through your existing processes.

Never miss a deadline with real-time notifications that help you understand when due dates are fast approaching.

See How Simple Our Workflow Is

With custom defined document workflows, you can rest assured knowing your team will meet strict SLAs and other regulations. Watch how our routing and document review process works.

See Blue Relay in Action