BlueRelay provides real-time custom reporting on your data, eliminating the need to manually update spreadsheets that become outdated almost immediately. Remove the mundane task of visibility management and allow the system to work for you.
Work smarter; not harder.

Customized for Your Data

Blue Relay allows you to build reports with data that matters to you. We help get you started by providing some example reports that might be of interest to you, but Blue Relay provides access to data that many systems don’t even store!

Do you categorize your documents by internal code names or acronyms? Include that information in the custom reports you build within Blue Relay. Our report builder is as easy as 1 (pick your columns); 2 (apply a filter); 3 (see your data).

Automatically Scheduled

Do you have weekly status meetings where the boss is looking at you for the answers? Have you ever presented the current status of a project as being on time, only to find out after the meeting that it has been in danger of missing an SLA since the night before?

Blue Relay solves this issue – without any effort on your part. Simply subscribe to a report that is automatically delivered to you as you enter your meeting. (Or you open up the dashboard from your phone or tablet).

Fast and Secure

Our continued focus on performance ensures that you get your data as soon as possible. No batching requests or adding your report to the queue. Blue Relay reports are generated and downloaded in real-time so you’re not waiting for your own data.

All reports (and all actions for that matter) in Blue Relay first pass through our authentication management interface to ensure you only have access to the data that has been granted to you.

See Blue Relay in Action