Having complete control over the data you see allows you to be more efficient and up to date when it comes to managing your content. Need to see who on your team is inundated with work? Wondering where the bottlenecks of your process are? Trying to discover the root cause of systemic issues?
Blue Relay lets you gain insight into your processes.

Real-Time Information

Your data is constantly changing and if you aren’t getting up-to-date information, you may as well not be getting the information at all.

Blue Relay always provides real-time data through its dashboard widgets to ensure you have proper insight into your managed processes and documents. Remove the delay of waiting for data replication and gain a more active perspective on your content.

Now, we’ve taken this one step further and allow each user to build and share their own custom dashboard widgets – without writing a single line of code.

Flexible and Configurable

The Blue Relay dashboard allows you to control the data that is presented to you whenever you enter the application. Choose from over 40 widgets that can be filtered to meet your specific needs.

The data and the layout of the dashboard can be configured to what suits you best. Have a small screen? Use a single column layout. Need to perform more administrative duties? Add the widgets that help manage users and groups. It’s all up to you. And it’s all drag and drop.

Now, users can easily pull data into the Blue Relay dashboard from any other system or source to centralize all information in one place.

Modern and Intuitive Design

Blue Relay is built on some of the latest web technologies that are industry proven and helps us deliver an intuitive user experience with a modern look and feel.

The dashboard is the first point of entry for our users and establishing a clean, simple interaction from the initial engagement is key to our success. We make it simple for all of our users – from the novice user to the IT expert – to gain access to the information they need at their fingertips and only what is relevant to them. Plus we can pull in data from multiple sources to easily view, analyze and customize the data from one view.

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