Blue Relay elevates document compare to a higher standard by supporting side-by-side viewing of differences directly within the document. Synchronized scrolling, compare statistics and image compares – all without any client software installed!

Revision Cycles

All changes are important! From the smallest typo to changes in structure, Blue Relay ensures these differences are identified and understood.

Have variable data? Blue Relay supports placeholder substitution so that every [NAME] > “John Doe” doesn’t result in a red flag. Don’t waste time reviewing known differences.

Reducing Design Errors

Don’t have time for the details? Blue Relay allows you to quickly understand the percentage of differences between two documents allowing you to focus your attention on results with more significant changes.

Results include changes to the finest detail, allowing you to zone in on each individual change for assessment. Our RESTful API allows you to integrate your own custom processing of the included results.

And now, users can quickly compare several documents at once with even greater accuracy. Elysium Compare, our new side-by-side document compare engine,  offers greater scalability, time savings and overall efficiencies with a 25% improvement in batch compare speeds.

Watch How It’s Done

We make it easy to quickly identify the changes across document versions.

Take a look at how our compare feature works.

See Blue Relay in Action