Whether you like to make changes manually or digitally, Blue Relay’s annotate feature supports it all! There is no need to maintain physical copies, or work in the same location – everyone has access at the same time.

Multi-Platform Support

Commuting without connectivity? Make changes on your tablet and have them synchronized when connected.

Too much IT red tape? Using the Canvas+ feature in Blue Relay, you can directly annotate your documents without needing any client software installed!

Online or on the go, annotations are seamlessly integrated allowing convenient and accessible collaboration.

Merge Annotations Into One

Ready to review everyone’s work? BlueRelay’s layered merge feature allows you to see everyone’s annotations in a single document and toggle individual changes on and off. You can even assign different colours to users so that it’s very clear who provided the feedback. Merging annotations is one of the most powerful features of Blue Relay that pushes the boundaries of document collaboration.

Watch How Simple Annotation Is

The ability to annotate quickly and easily has been well received by our clients.

Regardless of how many annotations there are or how many different reviewers, everything is fully tracked and traceable. Take a look at how our annotation feature works.

See Blue Relay in Action