Case Study

The marketing department at this Fortune 25 company was in need of improving its review and approval processes for marketing materials. The current processes used were entrenched with risk for employee burnout, missed deadlines and erroneous materials. Blue Relay was the solution needed to simplify review processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Note, that due to privacy reasons, we are unable to present the company’s name nor the true names of employees for this use case.


Linda is a hardworking, detail oriented person who works in the Marketing department for a company that continuously provides outbound communications to its clients. Linda has a never ending to-do list that seems impossible to overcome. Her only solution right now is to put in long hours, but that is truly wearing on her. She is in an ongoing search for ways to improve her quality of life – starting with her job. In her role, she is on the front line providing feedback on newly designed creative materials. She also organizes the flow of these documents as they travel back and forth between her and the other proofreaders on the team.


Make the process more efficient! Linda’s organization made the transition to manage their content in a digital format. They initially did this for the cost savings on print, but the effects the system has on Linda and her team is excellent. During her busy weeks, Linda needs to review over 100 documents so they can be sent through to production. With Blue Relay, Linda can now:

Identify Errors in Bulk

Many of the documents Linda reviews are derived from a template. If Linda discovers a critical error in the template, she can simply select all of the files that were generated from that template and reject them.

Approval History

Prior to Blue Relay, Linda would physically hand a set of communications back to her colleague to fix any errors or omissions that were identified; however, this process had a communication gap since the reasoning was only mentioned verbally with very little documentation. In Blue Relay, Linda records all of her notes as she reviews a document and Blue Relay automatically handles new revisions of a document, so the entire history is at anyone’s fingertips.

Meeting Deadlines

Since Linda is responsible for the flow of the documents, she set e-mail reminders to her fellow proofreaders so that they are aware of a looming deadline. Linda didn’t need a technical background to achieve this – just a couple of clicks and the reminders are automatically sent.

Hidden among all of the efficiency successes that Linda experienced, she also heavily utilizes Blue Relay’s compare feature. Every single document she has to review automatically passes through the system and gives Linda the side-by-side results she needs to do her job more effectively. Linda’s success is still dependent on her efforts, but Blue Relay is credited with a major assist.


Linda has her life back! Review times for the communications has dropped over 50% and if an error is discovered by the automated compare, her review time is almost negligible. The flow of the process is much smoother now as it is unaffected by vacations, sick days or other external factors as Linda and her team fully utilize the User Backups feature in Blue Relay. She’s looking forward to expanding the metrics that are collected during her review and presenting a root-cause analysis of the most typical issues that are encountered when preparing the communications materials.

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