Program Manager

Case Study

A Program Manager at one our our Fortune 25 Company clients, was looking to streamline the reporting and manual routing of his workload. The current processes used manual tactics of spreadsheets, email follow ups and more.

Blue Relay was the solution needed to simplify their project management processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Note, that due to privacy reasons, we are unable to present the company’s name nor the true names of employees for this use case.


Craig is a Program Manager that provides communications to his clients on a regular basis. As his client base grows, he is rewarded with the success that this entails. Unfortunately, a growth in his client base hasn’t been reflected in the growth of his team. They’re finding new challenges in meeting the existing deadlines with more work. Craig is responsible for his team and needs to ensure continued success as their workload increases. Craig is also required to report at daily status meetings with his manager to ensure they are on the right track. Believe it or not – Craig manually updated 3 large Excel spreadsheets constantly so he would have “reliable” data.


Let Blue Relay get that for you! Craig orchestrated the deployment of the system and had his team up and running with the solution in 3 months. With Blue Relay, Craig eliminated the following tasks:

Uploading Files

Blue Relay was configured to listen on a shared network drive which is the output folder from another system. Blue Relay automatically uploads the files, renames them to human readable names and organizes them into a meaningful, hierarchical folder structure.

Manual Routing

Before Blue Relay, each individual needed to know who they should hand the file folder to after they had completed their review. Whether it was to your cubicle neighbor or to someone down the hall, this manual step was eliminated.

Human Error

Craig’s communication documents evolve over time and in the past, small changes may sneak through. Using Blue Relay to automatically compare the current version of each document with its previous version, Craig has dramatically reduced errors in his communications before they reach his clients.

In addition to the efficiencies Craig provided for his team, he still needed a better way to provide updates to his managers. He was simply spending too much time updating spreadsheets. Once his team was using Blue Relay, he easily created 2 new reports that replaced his manual spreadsheets. Not only do the reports contain real-time data, the report is scheduled to be automatically sent to him 5 minutes before his status meeting so that he doesn’t have to even think about it anymore.


Craig’s efforts continue to reap rewards. He has already expanded his role to manage a second program group while also enabling 2 other Program Managers to use the system so they can achieve the same benefits. However, Craig’s work isn’t done. Blue Relay is currently not being utilized to its full potential. His next step is to push his other vendors to provide some interoperability features so that he can directly send content from Blue Relay into other systems (something that Blue Relay is able to do out of the box!).

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