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Greater process control and visibility, faster turnaround times, reduction in errors and more effective communications. This is what Blue Relay’s powerful solution can provide to any business – large or small. Manage your processes with guidance from our professional team and best practices to ensure long-term success.

Improving Accuracy, Speed, and Effectiveness with Automation

Communications are at the heart of customer engagement. But being stuck in manual processes can lead to inefficiencies and risks, high overhead and can put a strain on your processes. This is amplified for highly regulated industries working with time constraints who must ensure they get accurate and personalized information to their clients, faster than ever before. Find out how we increased this Fortune 100 company’s efficiency by 300 percent, without increasing headcount. Download PDF

Key Results

  • Number of review cycles significantly reduced within 24 months
  • Reduced overhead within 3 months

Blue Relay: Automating Medicare Communications to Drive Compliance and Auditability

If you’re a Pharmacy Benefit Manager, you know managing member materials is no small task, not to mention the financial penalties associated with non-compliance. Read about how Blue Relay gives organizations with complex business processes the confidence they need to ensure that every Medicare operational process has been properly assigned, processed, reviewed, approved and produced on-time, with regulatory compliance and the ability to prove it.

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Key Results

  • Streamlined the communication review processes for 330 users
  • Able to respond quicker to new CMS guidelines and tight timelines

Blue Relay: Built for Any User, Anywhere

Regardless of your role in an organization, Blue Relay is built to benefit your needs. Whether you’re a Content Writer and Reviewer, Program Manager or Director, Blue Relay equips all users with the tools to get their work done quicker. Find out how Blue Relay simplified the workloads of two specific user roles at a Fortune 100 company.

Program Manager

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Content Reviewer

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Key Results

  • Review times decreased by 50%
  • Significant reduction in human error

Blue Relay Onboarding Made Easy: Reap All the Benefits, Without the Work

Once you’ve decided that Blue Relay is the solution for you, we work with your team to make sure you get up and running quickly and seamlessly. We focus on technical support, quick deployment/implementation and training to ensure your transition is a smooth one. Read about our unique and seamless onboarding process which generates high adoption rates within our clients’ organizations.

Blue Relay Helps Fortune 500 Company Soar to the Clouds

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Key Results

  • Quick resolution turnaround
  • Reduction in operating expenses

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