July 3, 2018

Your Client Onboarding Process Can Make or Break You

Customer Success
Customer Success
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It’s one thing to land a new client and another thing to secure the deal. The keys to a smooth onboarding process include open communication to address concerns and a smooth transition period. Today we discuss why the client onboarding process is so integral and how to use tools to make the process easier.

Why Customer Onboarding is Critical

Simply put, customer onboarding is the process of getting your clients up-and-running with your business, providing them with clarity about your offerings and building trust in your brand early on. It’s one of the first, and most crucial experiences a new customer will have with your brand.

In the sales journey, customer onboarding is often an afterthought – because the hard part of acquiring a new client is done, so why give customer onboarding just as much attention as prospecting? Well, a poor customer onboarding experience does affect retention rates, can hinder your growth as a company and ultimately leave a bad taste in your new customer’s mouth before even beginning their business relationship with your brand. Gartner also says that 80% of a company’s future revenue can come from 20% of existing customers. Yet only 20% of B2B companies allocate their efforts towards customer retention.

Any business that wants to stay competitive must understand that a sublime experience for your customers at every single touchpoint is necessary. After all, if the customer is truly king, why make them feel unwelcome and unsupported with a subpar onboarding experience?

Customer Onboarding Done Right

Implementing simple, easy-to-use processes at the start of the journey will increase revenue, improve customer and employee satisfaction, improve efficiency and reduce both yours and the new client’s time.

Many times, the processes for onboarding new clients are complex, requiring several critical steps in a short timeframe into a unified and simplistic process that is clearly established for all stakeholders.

Creating a unified and simple onboarding process requires mapping all data points necessary for integration, determining clear responsibilities, having instant updates on progress available, and creating a central point of contact to address any concerns head-on.

Blue Relay Solves Complex Client Integration and Onboarding Processes

Often we find that it’s not just setting up a client for business, but integrating systems so the client is onboarded correctly.

Blue Relay’s work coordination features include an intuitive dashboard for operational insight and the ability for multiple team members to contribute configuration details as part of the processing. The tool allows organizations to onboard clients quicker while reducing risk and overall cost.

With Blue Relay, organizations can stay confident knowing they are not missing a critical step in their processes and spend less time on detailed implementation tasks, and more time helping their clients maximize value from their offerings.

Get Started with Blue Relay

Blue Relay is a Document Process Automation Tool that can help your company adjust to working remotely and remain HIPAA Compliant. Blue Relay helps with Workflow Automation, Team Collaboration, and Document Review and Approval Get your company back on track while remaining compliant.

  • 100% Virtual Implementation
  • Seamless Onboarding and Training
  • Pre-built Workflows and Dashboards
  • 30 Days to Deployment
  • 90 Days no Obligations

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