April 4, 2017

The Wait is Over: Blue Relay 4.0 Has Launched!

Customer Success
Customer Success
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After months of preparation and determination to solve current market challenges with our unique solution, our team has released its latest update with many valuable features.

Blue Relay Version 4.0 consists of four new features that allow for greater visibility, control, and collaboration across the communication lifecycle.

Custom Dashboard

The new and improved Blue Relay dashboard allows users to better manage their operational data in a central location that can be customized based on their needs. Now, you can easily pull data into the dashboard from any other system or source to centralize all information in one place. Whether it’s gathering status, resourcing, task information or more, organizations can track the entire document lifecycle upstream and downstream in the dashboard. Click here to learn more.

Securing Your Data with Single-Sign-On

Companies in this day and age can’t take on security risks – particularly those in highly regulated industries like our health payer clients. Juggling security requirements can be complex when also managing critical user information and roles. Blue Relay’s security has been enhanced through the addition of an Identity Provider feature with SAML 2.0 architecture. By seamlessly enabling Blue Relay to authenticate with your existing Active Directory, you can eliminate the use of disconnected user management and improve your security levels – just like that!

For more details on this update, read this blog.

Document Compare, Made Easy

We listened closely to our customers’ worries and re-vamped our document compare software for greater speed, accuracy and overall time savings. Our new side-by-side document compare engine, Elysium Compare, allows for the comparison of several document versions at once. So far, users have achieved a 25% improvement in batch compare speeds, and can easily compare a document of over 1000 pages quickly and accurately. This paired with robust version control drastically saves time, improves tracking and overall document management.

Get the details of this upgrade here.

Improved Support for Existing Infrastructure and Investments

You don’t have to get rid of your existing infrastructure to reap the benefits of our system upgrade. Bring your existing document management platform to life by layering Blue Relay on top of Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Now you can route, compare and annotate content where it lives while bringing the visibility and overall management that Blue Relay provides to content.

Our software engineers and entire team, who worked tirelessly to develop a best-in-class product, were fueled by meeting the needs of our clients and offering them the best resources to carry out their processes. The updates will be especially beneficial for those in regulated industries, like healthcare, and will improve process efficiencies all in real-time.

The new release has equipped us to set a new industry standard and we look forward to raising the bar for our clients and the industry.

Click here to view the official Press Release for Blue Relay 4.0.

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