June 5, 2017

Top Things You Need to Know About Blue Relay

David Found
Vice President of Product
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Many of our long-time users know how valuable Blue Relay is to their document review and approval processes – and an asset to their overall workflow. But for those who haven’t hopped on the gravy train or are still navigating Blue Relay’s many features, don’t worry because it’s never too late to unlock its benefits.

What is Blue Relay?

Blue Relay offers a comprehensive suite of workflow and management tools that:

  • Automate communication and approval processes;
  • Fosters collaboration across multiple departments;
  • Provides operational transparency;
  • Improves quality and accuracy of communications; and
  • Helps organizations meet compliance regulations.

What Makes Blue Relay Different?

We’re not your run of the mill software company, and neither are our developers. Here’s what makes our process unique:

  • We put the customer first, every step of the way. Whether day or night, our developers and project leads are always on call to answer any questions or resolve any issues. We have the perfect balance of industry expertise and catering to the end-user so their business goals are thoroughly met.
  • We thrive off of collaboration. From inception to deployment, our projects are handled with the creative process in mind. We’re not a one-man operation, but have a slew of talent that help make our software as seamless as possible.
  • Blue Relay doesn’t replace your existing tools, but adds on to your architecture and resources to build an even stronger workflow process.
  • We live and breathe our core values – flexibility, configurability and interoperability – and carry them with us through all of our operations.

Tips to Help You Get Started

  • Make sure all your teams work together to accomplish the same workflow goal and have a united collaboration vision.
  • Ensure you take the time to customize Blue Relay to your specific needs. This includes the dashboard and your selection of widgets, your notification preferences as well as scheduling reports.
  • When you’re collaborating and contributing to the review process, make sure you take that extra bit of time to ensure accuracy in your review – whether it’s in the form of your contributions or checking over someone else’s work.
  • Leverage the right tools – like Elysium Compare – that would make evaluating your processes as easy as pie.

To learn more about Blue Relay’s features and latest upgrades, click here.

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