Before We Talk About Improving the Member Experience, Let’s Talk About Our Business Processes First

Blog post is co-authored by Damian Holsworth –  Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Concord Marketing.  Ask yourself this question – when it comes to member communications, what is the most complicated and stressful part of the document lifecycle at your organization? Is it submitting information to CMS? Is it having visibility to where documents are []

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What You Need to Consider When Evaluating Business Process Management Solutions

September 06, 2016 | Katie Hulan

It’s 2016 and we have a plethora of technology solutions to help optimize our business processes. Before we begin improving ourselves, we need to look into the black hole of how we operate. We need to know what is working well and what is not, who is working well, where we are overstaffed or understaffed []


Maximizing ROI with Content Automation

July 18, 2016 | Katie Hulan

According to a recent survey released by InfoTrends in collaboration with Quark Software Inc, the average company spend on content-related technologies was $801K. The Content Automation Survey which included results from 151 businesses worldwide (majority based in the US) went on to say that spend is expected to increase significantly over the next five years. []


Easily Review and Annotate PDFs with Blue Relay

July 13, 2016 | Katie Hulan

Great – you just received a PDF where you need to review and add markup. Reviewing PDFs pose many challenges due to the rigid nature of these document types. The challenges are well known as a recent study reported that 50% of respondents find PDFs difficult to review and annotate. Often the issue lies in []

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Takeaways from AHIP for Improving Health Plan Member Engagement

July 04, 2016 | Katie Hulan

AHIP Institute 2016 was humming with a variety of hot topic discussions concerning the future of healthcare. One side of the conversation we heard was in regards to enhancing the member experience and engagement through communications. As we talked to various healthcare payers and leaders in the industry, we continued to hear about the pressure []

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AHIP Institute Talks Big Change for Healthcare

June 20, 2016 | Katie Hulan

We are back from America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute with much more insight into the future of healthcare and health insurance. Being part of an industry that is helping to improve lives, brings many rewards and motivation to strive further. Take a look at some of the great highlights, discussions and topics from the []


Ensuring Technology is Enabling Continuous Improvement

May 30, 2016 | Katie Hulan

As an organization becomes more mature, the policies and procedures that support the core business practices strengthen. To an external party, these can be seen as cumbersome, tedious and possibly even pointless; however, internally these procedures are developed with value, purpose and need. As these policies expand they may carry inefficiencies with them. Enter technology. []


Customer Communication Evolution in 2016

January 13, 2016 | Adam Caromicoli

Just as many years before it, 2016 brings an expanding array of communication solutions for with your friends, colleagues and customers.  Where Email was once the ultimate time saver, dozens of instant messaging platforms, social media sites and a spectrum of cloud-based storage and efficiency platforms have arisen to make communications easier and more efficient []


Keeping Your SaaS Development and Support Teams Afloat

January 06, 2016 | Damith Karunaratne

Recruiting developers, especially good ones, is not an easy feat these days.  There are so many options for developers in the marketplace.  If you’re a smaller organization that doesn’t necessarily have a strong brand, it becomes somewhat challenging to recruit.  Sometimes it may feel like you’re fishing for an endangered species. You’ll cast your net []


Process Management Hurdles That Still Exist

December 30, 2015 | Dave Found

It’s 2016 and you may be shocked to hear the horror stories that still exist in business today. Year after year, technology makes vast improvements in terms of speed, efficiency and reliability. Yet do we adopt? As consumers, we create mobs and endless line ups for the next iPhone, but what about as businesses? IBM []