March 30, 2017

New Feature: Blue Relay Extends Visibility Reach with Portal

David Found
Vice President of Product
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Powered by modern frameworks and design principles, Blue Relay now offers an incredible enhancement to its already powerful dashboard. You can now create your own dashboard widgets to provide a new level of visibility into your managed processes. But wait – there’s more! Not only can you gain new insights into the data that already exists in Blue Relay, but you can also pull real time data from other systems in your environment. Now you can stay on top of all documents, jobs or activities from a variety of systems in one central dashboard – in real-time.

One Dashboard to Centralize You Communication Lifecycle

How is your communication lifecycle managed? Do you have visibility at every step of the workflow, across all systems and stages?

With Blue Relay, you can engage your other systems by pulling data in real time using API endpoints. In one place you can plan the next campaign, manage the bottlenecks of the workflow and see the latest alerts from the fulfillment floor.

Announcing New Customizable Widgets for Better Insights

Using Blue Relay’s Widget Helpers, you can easily create and share widgets that look and feel just like native widgets. You can choose from:

  • Chart Widgets – Need a pie chart, bar graph or any other supported graph type in Blue Relay? Just point Blue Relay in the right direction and let it do the heavy lifting.
  • Table Widgets – Sometimes you need to see the details. Seamlessly display data in a detailed format. You choose the columns to display from whatever data source you desire.
  • Embedded Widgets – Already have an existing web component? Not everyone has this luxury, but you can easily pop existing web components into Blue Relay. You can even include the latest weather information or a YouTube video this way.
  • General Widgets – Did we miss anything? Not to worry, you can code it yourself in a general widget! Have an idea for a widget, but not sure how to make it a reality – just let us know at

We can’t wait to see what widgets you will build first!

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