Dave Found
Director, Software Architecture

Secure, single sign-on is here!

Organizations have conflicting goals when it comes to enterprise solutions. Not only do they need efficient, easy-to-use solutions that work well within their existing infrastructure, they also need it to be fully secure. Achieving both can be difficult and the simple concept of user management can become an administrative nightmare if not addressed properly.

Enhanced security and simplified user management

Allow Blue Relay to introduce itself. Blue Relay takes the hassle out of user and identity management – across your entire organization. How can we make such a claim? Because we leverage what you already use and extend the security to other applications within your network.

By enabling Blue Relay’s SAML 2.0 Identity Manager, you only need to manage users in one place. Other applications in your environment become services that connect to this single source for user and login information. Blue Relay’s new offering dramatically improves the user experience. No longer do users have to manage multiple sets of credentials – now, they can maintain a secure session across all the applications that they have access to using the SAML protocol.

If you’re already using Active Directory (AD) (and we can place a wager that you are!), Blue Relay can directly integrate into your AD and offer the SAML single sign-on architecture out to your other systems. When you bundle that with the insightful visibility and process management that Blue Relay provides, it’s a no brainer if you manage communications in your organization.

Put your administrative nightmares behind you

Stop managing users and groups in 2, 5 or 10 different applications. Manage them once, lower your overhead costs and improve the efficiency of your organization’s entire suite of applications by embracing secure, single sign-on.

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