March 20, 2019

New Blue Relay Enhancements

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Blue Relay has a long history of helping organizations achieve their operational goals. Whether it’s meeting compliance requirements, assisting with the QA process or aiding in the stringent Medicare Advantage process for health plans and PBMs – we have helped organizations completely transform workflows.

We’ve now taken our tried and true features and optimized them to better assist our users! See below all of the new enhancements teams can take advantage of with Blue Relay

Chart Widget Drill-down

Now, users have the ability to drill down on data within chart widgets. After viewing initial data such as “Active Tasks By Subject” you might want to drill down further by another attribute within one portion of the pie chart.

Task Evaluation

When there are multiple assignees within the workflow, you want to allow the user to select a final option based on all the options previously selected by all the assignees. Now they can with the “evaluation” feature.

File System Integrations

Blue Relay has the ability to store files and allow for the creation of a full folder structure. However, we also have the ability to bring in folders from SharePoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox and have them be accessible and operated on within Blue Relay (ie. Adding tags, attributes, workflows, etc).

Elysium Compare

We re-wrote our existing Elysium Compare feature and made improvements including the ability to have some pre-processing into the document, and allowing for some configurations sent to the compare such as ignoring the text and/or image changes, among others.

Identity Provider / Service Provider (Single-Sign-On)

Users have the ability to act as an Identity Provider for service providers.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Can authenticate based on LDAP standards as well to allow users access to Blue Relay.

WEBDAV Integration

This powerful feature allows documents such as Word, PowerPoint, etc. to be opened on a client’s computer, and then automatically saved as a revision within Blue Relay without downloading the file and re-uploading.

Natural Language Processing

Get excited – Blue Relay now has enriched analytical capabilities! It can process a document and provide some sentiment and reading-level analysis of the document; providing a visual screen showing content reading scores; both holistically for the entire document as well as individual sections. This is especially vital for highly regulated industries that will face fines if their materials’ content does not match the required reading level standards.

Task Conditionals

By using expression language, we can take automate actions surrounding tasks based on the evaluation of each users’ individual input on those tasks. For instance, Blue Relay can now collect multiple inputs on a task and automatically route a task to the next best course of action based on the inputs collected on the task, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for manual “course-correction”.

Live Markups

This provides the ability to have one user do markup and another user see that markup instantly via streaming.

Bulk Form Import and Processing

Users now have more ability to import data that will fill in the Forms within Blue Relay.

Oracle Support

Support for the Oracle database vs our current primary Postgres database.


New UX / UI updates have been made with some architectural changes to introduce stronger task management features to align with our already existing strong process and document management functionality.

Easily manage your processes, member materials and teams with Blue Relay.

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