April 30, 2020

Make Yearly Document Updates Easier with Digital Automation

Heather Munro
Marketing Content Specialist
Office two people working at laptops with a stack of documents

Many highly regulated industries require countless hours and resources for managing Key Documents that require yearly updates. This includes Health Payers who are required to update their Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) documents. Today we at discuss how Document Process Automation Tools can make this process easier while eliminating human error.

Automated Workflows keep Documents on Track

Any tool with customized workflows will recognize your important documents and follow them through the material life cycle. Many regulated documents like the ANOC Materials need to be reviewed, updated, and approved by multiple collaborators; an automated workflow automatically knows who needs the document next and provides full transparency on where the document is on its journey. No more confusing e-mail chains!

Automated workflows are also perfect for highly regulated industries as you can maintain security by keeping track of exactly who has accessed or modified the document.

The Best Workflow Tools will Include Checklists

The best way to remove human error in any process is to add integrated confirmation checklists. Checklists will make sure important steps like updating dates or adding signatures are never missed. Any tool you end up using should be able to edit personal workflows with checklists for each member of your team.

Collaborate and Edit PDFs Natively

The right Document Process Automation tool should have an integrated PDF editor. This assigns the document to the correct collaborator and allows them to edit right away. There is no need to download, store, and then resend the document to the next collaborator.

Consider Document Compare

Last on our list is Document Compare. For example, Document Compare makes yearly updates easy for editors to look at the previous year’s document next to the current year’s. Not only can you compare the previous year’s materials, but document compare also makes it easier for multiple collaborators to view how the document has changed over the course of the workflow. All of this lowers the risk of errors.

Make Annual Updates Easier with Blue Relay

Blue Relay is a Document Process Automation Tool that can help your company adjust to working remotely and remain HIPAA Compliant. Blue Relay helps with Workflow Automation, Team Collaboration, and Document Review and Approval Get your company back on track while remaining compliant.

  • 100% Virtual Implementation
  • Seamless Onboarding and Training
  • Pre-built Workflows and Dashboards
  • 30 Days to Deployment
  • 90 Days no Obligations

Try Blue Relay for Free

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