April 4, 2017

Major Release of Blue Relay – its Business Process Management Software

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Latest Updates Strengthen User Experience Seamlessly in Real-Time

Oakville, Ontario – April 4, 2017 – We have launched the next version of its Enterprise software, Blue Relay, with four new features that will unlock new levels of efficiencies for businesses, particularly those in regulated industries such as health insurance, legal and government. Blue Relay, winner of a 2017 PBMI Excellence Award, brings much needed visibility and control to communication development processes; improving process efficiencies, compliance adherence and collaboration across the communication lifecycle.

This new software release is the result of a close-knit collaboration with clients and the persistence to deliver a world-class product that stays ahead of the curve. The new features bring greater visibility to business processes, simplified user management, enhanced security, and drastic improvements to efficiency and document management – seamlessly in real-time.

Centralize all operational data into a custom dashboard

Now, users can easily pull data into the Blue Relay dashboard from any other system or source to centralize all information in one place. Whether it’s gathering status, resourcing, task information  or more, organizations can track the entire document lifecycle upstream and downstream in the dashboard.

Furthermore, the release allows each user to build and share their own custom dashboard widgets. The best part? Both features can be completed without writing a single line of code. This provides next-level flexibility in getting more visibility into processes and workflows. Click here to learn more.

Enable Single Sign On with support for Active Directory and SAML

Blue Relay’s security has been enhanced through the addition of an Identity Provider feature with SAML 2.0 architecture. Now organizations can seamlessly enable Blue Relay to authenticate with their existing Active Directory and eliminate the use of disconnected user management while also managing critical information in one place.

Quickly compare several document versions at once and with greater accuracy

The side-by-side document compare engine has undergone a significant overhaul, and we have embarked on a new level of performance for streamlined processes. This new offering allows for the comparison of several document versions at once for greater scalability, time savings and overall efficiency.

So far, users have achieved a 25% improvement in batch compare speeds, and can easily compare a document of over 1000 pages quickly and accurately. This paired with robust version control drastically saves time, improves tracking and overall document management. Click here to learn more about Elysium Compare.

Improved support for Microsoft SharePoint and new integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox

Organizations can bring their existing document management platform to life by layering Blue Relay on top of Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Now organizations can route, compare and annotate content where it lives while bringing the visibility and overall management that Blue Relay provides to content, without removing existing infrastructure and investments.

About Blue Relay

Blue Relay gives you complete control and visibility into your current business processes while achieving 300% gains in efficiency. Powerful features like document routing, comparison and annotations allow you to accelerate approval processes, improve quality and ensure compliance by streamlining collaboration. From insurance, health, financial, legal, real estate or energy, our solution is greatly valued in increasingly regulated industries. Contact us for more details.

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