October 6, 2017

Adapting a ‘Bring Your Own Tools’ Mentality with Blue Relay

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Deliver fast and accurately. That is the goal, right?

Working with several companies over the years, we see the increasing pressure they are under to deliver faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Many believe they have it under control with their technology stack and processes. Yet, when we looked closer, they are inundated with inefficiencies. That’s why we created Blue Relay to properly meet their needs and be flexible to fill in the capability gaps.

Blue Relay challenges how organizations work today. It challenges how technologies communicate and work together. It does so with its inclusive functionality that connects systems and processes appropriately together to maximize business outcomes.

We see, year over year, how organizations use several tools and legacy systems to support their mission. With this multi-system environment comes natural disconnect. As such, we have designed Blue Relay to easily integrate with your current systems to bring more cohesiveness across your enterprise. One example is how our purpose-driven solution allows integration with content systems, repositories, and tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox and more to provide an extra layer of visibility into business processes, in real-time.

Configure, Integrate and Personalize!

By leveraging interoperability – that is the secure, reliable, accountable exchange of data between devices and information systems within and across organizations – Blue Relay customers can make smarter decisions, improve quality in output and reduce cost.

“Improved integration not only benefits users within a company but also facilitates the sharing of knowledge with other disciplines and organizations, enhancing the workflow processes. Many companies also have huge investments in legacy systems that they hope to avoid rewriting by using interoperability tools to bring such applications into the network-driven environments of today,” says a study from the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University.

As well, Gartner states that the market is moving away from generic and siloed systems to more purpose-driven use cases and specialist technology providers that integrate with affiliated content systems, repositories, and stores. IT leaders who demand a single solution fail to understand their users’ needs and behaviors and, ultimately, the nature of the digital business.

The Business Benefits of Blue Relay’s Interoperability

  • Maximize the value of your current tech stack;
  • Contain costs as you do not need to replace large systems;
  • Optimize your team’s resources by improving their daily work processes – we can deploy quickly to get you up and running in little time;
  • Get a single source of the truth by centralizing information and tracking all processes; and
  • Reduced operating expenses as a result of more efficient technology and processes.

To respond to business decisions faster, you need to connect siloed systems and departments. Blue Relay is the solution to do just that.

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