June 19, 2018

Inlet Accelerates Client Onboarding with Blue Relay

Customer Success
Customer Success
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The company enhances its workflow strategy by adding Blue Relay into its digital delivery platform to deliver an efficient and positive customer onboarding experience.

Oakville, ON – June 19, 2018 – a software development and IT professional services firm that empowers businesses to meet and exceed their critical business and technology objectives – is now offering companies a simple way to streamline complex processes related to client onboarding. Onboarding is the first critical step to ensuring a positive customer experience and for many companies, onboarding processes often include manual procedures and several different systems and people, resulting in confusion, errors, and delays.

We solves for these challenges with its trusted work coordination and collaboration platform, Blue Relay. The tool is designed for organizational challenges that typically include many tasks assigned across many people that need to be coordinated together to execute processes accurately and on time.

Blue Relay Solves Complex Client Integration and Onboarding Processes

The processes for onboarding new clients is often complex, requiring several critical steps in a short timeframe across multiple parties to ensure the secure and compliant exchange of information. As a result of using Blue Relay’s work coordination features, such as intuitive dashboards for operational insight and the ability for multiple team members to contribute configuration details as part of the processing, organizations can onboard clients quicker while reducing risk and overall cost.

Looking to create an efficient and seamless experience when onboarding new clients, our long-standing client, Inlet LLC, now uses Blue Relay to automate critical processes from beginning to end. “Blue Relay offers key off-the-shelf capabilities that will help our team quickly and efficiently respond to growing onboarding requirements for the Inlet platform,” commented Christopher Johnson, Inlet’s Chief Executive Officer. Inlet offers a digital document delivery solution, connecting companies to their customers via a network of partner destinations, reaching 6,500 financial institutions and 150 million customers nationwide.

“We are excited about bringing new value to Inlet through our powerful Blue Relay workflow platform that will extend the administrative capabilities within its innovative industry platform,” says Managing Partner, Adam Caromicoli.

The Inlet team has integrated Blue Relay into its platform in a very short period of time with Blue Relay fully operational as of March 1st, 2018.

With Blue Relay, organizations can stay confident knowing they are not missing a critical step in their processes and spend less time on detailed implementation tasks, and more time helping their clients maximize value from their offerings.

About Blue Relay

Blue Relay offers a powerful suite of workflow & document management tools that simplifies review and approval processes, improves quality and increases compliance. From insurance, health, financial, legal, real estate or energy, our solution is greatly valued in increasingly regulated industries for its ability to improve productivity, accuracy, compliance, and timeliness.  Built on business rules – regardless of complexity – the platform tracks all activities, effectively handles change management, provides pre and live production proofing while providing you a full audit trail. Contact us for more details.

About Inlet

Inlet is a secure digital document delivery platform, which enables companies to connect with consumers via major digital destinations including Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote in addition to thousands of bank and credit union websites across the country. Through a single integration, companies can send eBills, statements, invoices and other important documents to the online bank bill pay websites and consumer destinations their customers visit and trust the most. Companies benefit from increased customer engagement, paperless adoption rates, reduced operational costs and faster payments. To learn more about Inlet, a joint venture between Broadridge Financial Solutions and Pitney Bowes, visit www.InletDigital.com.

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