April 11, 2018

How Express Scripts Automated the Member Material Development Process

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Today, Express Scripts (ESI) is improving productivity, risk management and cost containment within member communication development processes, allowing them to respond quickly to both Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and customer needs.

In this webinar, we cover how Express Scripts:

  • Achieved Highly Effective Processes using intelligent automation and meaningful analytics instead of manual, inefficient spreadsheets.
  • Improved Compliance Adherence by establishing a governance framework and implementing compliance checks to significantly reduce risk and maintain compliance adherence.
  • Improved Resource Management with automated workflows that drastically reduce rework and overhead. This combined with instant operational insight allows teams to effectively plan and manage resources.
  • Takes a Proactive, Data-Driven Approach to Planning with access to instant, data-driven insight across all operations. This allows the teams to proactively plan for the new plan year and modify automated processes to quickly handle changes to regulations and policies.

Watch the webinar to see how Blue Relay gave Express Scripts the confidence, and ability to prove, that every piece of member material has been properly reviewed, approved and produced with full accuracy.

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