July 11, 2019

How Clients Use Blue Relay

Customer Success
Customer Success
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You’re ready to get started on a new campaign idea. Or maybe you need to update your customers on new terms and conditions or inform your audience of a new offering. As exciting as it is, it also comes with several rounds of asset creation, review, updates and approvals before any of this content goes out the door. It’s hard to see the forest through the trees at this point, isn’t it?

How do you manage the development of this content from start to finish?

The Client Case

The clients we work with manage several hundreds of communications; ranging from customer onboarding information, product updates, upselling opportunities and more. In order to get these communications out the door, they often used Excel spreadsheets and email to coordinate document reviews, content updates, compliance/regulation checks and approvals. This was also done across several people in different departments. Although some departments used tools to assist with overall management, the use of these solutions was inconsistent as they lacked features.

Needless to say, manually managing several tasks, processes and projects resulted in poor collaboration, little insight into progress and a misunderstanding of who had ownership at any given time

Using Technology to Complement Your Business Rules and Needs

It was clear that these organizations needed both a 10,000-foot view and a detailed view of all projects, documents, versions and responsibilities to improve how effective and timely they were. Marry this with collaboration tools, flexible automation and guides to assist in each stage of the asset development process, Blue Relay became the clear solution to solve all these challenges.

Watch how Blue Relay complements your team business rules and needs:

Blue Relay Understands the Nuances of Your Business Needs

We designed Blue Relay with the understanding that each business has unique needs when it comes to completing the asset lifecycle development process. You can set up Blue Relay once, according to your needs and the platform takes care of the rest for you. Need to make tweaks as you go? No problem – it just takes second to make changes.

Let’s dive into this a little deeper. For example, Document A requires a compliance or legal review before it’s approved whereas Document B requires a graphic check from an external party. All these scenarios are very easily handled within Blue Relay through workflows and collaboration tools.

As Blue Relay facilitates the review and approval of assets across people and departments, it is also keeping record of all actions taken. This allows teams to quickly see where they are in the project, what bottlenecks are occurring and areas where they can improve their processes. This surfaced visibility and management around your processes is critical for organizations to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Blue Relay allows teams to:

  • Automate the several small and manual tasks that take up unnecessary time and resources.
  • Set up automated workflows that match your business rules and data to help coordinate tasks.
  • Easily collaborate on tasks and documents.
  • Quickly compare versions of content to clearly see changes.
  • Manage all SLA and compliance requirements.
  • Set up the compliance and legal checks to simplify how writers, reviewers and legal teams ensured adherence to regulations.
  • Track millions of events across all tasks and processes, in real-time, with dashboards and reports.

Blue Relay has been trusted by companies to streamline their processes, automate their document creation and review, and visualize their teams’ tasks and performance.

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