June 23, 2017

How Health Payers Can Learn the Secret to Customer Satisfaction

Customer Success
Customer Success

The healthcare industry is changing its tune from once being focused on “patient engagement” to “customer satisfaction”. Patients are now seen as consumers of healthcare that demand a buyer experience like that of any other industry – fast and painless (pun-intended). The health insurance sector only scored a 72/100 in 2016, so there is definite room for improvement in 2017.

Payers, specifically, are encouraging a customer-centric approach so members can become more active in their own care processes.

Here are some guidelines health payers can follow to improve the customer experience:

Keep an Eye on the Customer Journey

Mapping the “journeys” consumers take as they research, obtain, and use health insurance can add to the customer’s life cycle. In order to improve the buying experience for new and existing customers and resolve customer complaints as well as meet the customer’s evolving needs, payers must evaluate all the touchpoints that lead them to their journey’s end – which is coverage renewal.

Create a Streamlined Experience

Identify your customers’ primary concerns, and respond with the most satisfying outcome for them. When you wire the customer into every decision, you’ll notice your operation runs like a well-oiled machine. For example, making the enrollment process simple and rewarding for customers and quickly resolving their concerns related to billing, coverage, and claims by offering different channels of information can be an asset to prospective customers.

Be Future Ready

Now, health payers and other regulated industries must appeal to the on-demand economy and highly connected consumers, also known as Generation “C”, if they want to provide the best experience possible. Leveraging technology to automate self-service for members or using chatbots and virtual agents to always stay available to customers can distinguish one payer from the rest.

Consumers are now exercising greater choice in their health coverage and care decisions and demand a dynamic healthcare experience that blends their need for fast service and a quality experience.

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