June 12, 2017

How To Get the Most Out of SharePoint With Blue Relay

Customer Success
Customer Success

Blue Relay has always had a “bring your own tools” mindset to make integration easy. Team’s around the globe have one goal in mind: to better their collaborative efforts to meet the stringent requirements laid out by the changing marketplace. They require the right tools to enable intelligent decision-making, better document management, and easier workflows so they can prosper and keep up with the competition. Specifically, they want to access and leverage content that exists on many different platforms, such as Microsoft SharePoint.

About SharePoint

SharePoint is used to support collaborative efforts of all kinds including co-authoring of documents, information sharing, and an integration point with all enterprise information sources. According to a recent study, slightly more enterprises are now using SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) than last year, with 28% of respondents citing it as their only (10%) or main (18%) ECM/DM system. When created, Microsoft consciously made the decision to develop SharePoint with a whole range of functions – though some users find that it does not store documents with every type of workflow solution.

According to research, cloud collaboration and social systems as add-ons are high on the wish-list of many enterprises. For organizations to get the best out of their SharePoint deployment, they must be knowledgeable about what they can and can’t do with the solution with in-house support.

Blue Relay Seamlessly Integrates with SharePoint

Organizations across the globe can bring their existing document management platform to life by layering BlueRelay on top of Microsoft SharePoint.

“So many of our clients come to us with a challenge of how to connect their teams and organization with systems such as SharePoint and connecting into workflows that allow them to perform their work easily,” says Damian Holsworth. “Many of our clients are trying to do more with less, meaning more productivity with fewer resources and less time.”

Blue Relay’s latest upgrade fully supports SharePoint integration and keeps all essential documents in SharePoint, while using Blue Relay as a resource. Now, you can always store your documents in your present infrastructure, and allow Blue Relay to layer on top to keep your existing documents secure and in one place.

You’ll be able to route, compare and annotate content where it lives while bringing the visibility and overall management that Blue Relay provides to content.

“There are also a lot of legacy systems that the clients have content stored in and are necessary for a variety of reasons, including compliance. We support their internal needs to deliver a more effective environment and a more productive workforce.”

Never Lose Place of Your Documents Again!

Blue Relay was crafted with the superuser in mind – and the promise to deliver simplified user management, enhanced security and drastic improvements to document management. Centrally manage your diverse content in SharePoint and enhance its use in BlueRelay, and never look back.

To find out more about Blue Relay’s features, read this blog!

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