November 7, 2016

Choosing a Business Process Management Tool Provider

Customer Success
Customer Success

Evaluating a Business Process Management solution should go beyond the technical requirements. This could be a long relationship. You need to get past the first impression to truly get to know the solution. Sound familiar? Before you get married to a solution, make sure you’ve checked it against the following 6 points.

  1. Are you confident that your concerns will be heard and addressed?
    A one-size-fits-all solution is not practical. Each organization has unique needs that will need to be addressed. A vendor that takes the time to learn and understand your business, your goals, and your pain points are setting themselves up to serve you better. Think of these few questions: How willing are they to meet your needs? How can you get on their development roadmap?
  2. Will it empower the people in your organization?
    You have great people, now you need the tools to empower them. When you have everything you need to move forward, success comes easier. Know what barriers your employees have and tackle each one.
  3. Does the vendor deliver an intuitive solution?
    If the solution is not easy to use, it will fall apart quickly within your organization. We are used to seeing beautiful interfaces and simple design features that focus on task completion. Enterprise solutions should offer this as well. Look for simple, intuitive and functional design.
  4. What is offered for user onboarding and training?
    Ask about onboarding. Does the team have an onboarding process that will properly train and problem solve with you? In-person training is a great value-add that some vendors offer to facilitate long-term success.
  5. Does the vendor keep up with the latest technology trends and best practices?
    The benefit of using a vendor solution is that you can rely on their expertise, their ability to innovate and stay on top of best practices. Ask the vendor about how they remain innovative, how they evaluate using new technology and how they keep abreast of developments and changes in the industry. After all, it’s about continuous improvement and ensuring your vendor will keep up for you.
  6. Are they a reliable partner?
    A close, positive working relationship with a vendor is important to the success of the project. Ask the vendor how they plan to deliver a consistent and high-quality service to you. Will they go that extra mile?

Transitioning your Company to a Business Process Management Tool

Let’s not forget what it takes for you to make this endeavor successful:

Know your Key Performance Indicators

Stay true to your goals and your needs. Always compare progress and changes to how it stacks up against your objectives and aspirations.

Create Championship and Leadership

Having a person or small group dedicated to BPM within your organization is essential to keeping up the momentum. This person or group needs to facilitate the growth of the relationship and ensure the correct people are involved. Transparency among stakeholders is key here.

Set up metrics early and share them with the vendor

Make sure to understand your baselines metrics prior to BPM implementations. As improvements happen it is important for both the vendor and you as an organization to see how value is being added. There needs to be a way to continuously measure against these metrics; not just once at the beginning and once at the end. Having a bigger picture will help determine progress, success, and value.

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