April 1, 2020

Enhance Remote Workflow with Blue Relay

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Having Issues Collaborating Remotely During Your Document Development Process?

Worried that your team is not going to be able to handle the impending document development process for your member materials in today’s current environment?

We work to streamline the collaboration and development of content for Healthcare organizations like yours.

Blue Relay Document Compare Tool
Blue Relay Dashboards

Common issues in the office and remote include:

  • Lack of real-time insight into the status of tasks and your teams’ workload and dropped/missed items
  • Difficulty maintaining SLA requirements
  • Complicated document workflows that span multiple stakeholders involved in preparing, editing, reviewing and reporting on documents changes.
  • Manually assigning and reassigning tasks as the document goes through its workflow

Blue Relays document and workflow automation, checklists, and document comparison tool all work together to make sure your company is thriving even while working remotely.

Blue Relays Key Features

For over 10 years, Blue Relay has helped our clients by providing features such as:

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Content Collaboration & Version Control

Streamline your document workflow with business automation. Quickly communicate with your team to create, edit and track document changes and revisions.

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Easily assign, reassign and prioritize tasks across teams and individuals with the click of a button.

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Real-Time Reporting & Tracking

Have real-time visibility into the status of all activities and documents to ensure all SLAs are met, and compliance requirements are documented every step-of-the-way.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Blue Relay understands that not all businesses work the same. This is why Blue Relay is tailored to meet your companies individual needs.

  • 100% Virtual Implementation
  • Seamless Onboarding and Training
  • Pre-built Workflows and Dashboards

“Blue Relay software allowed for us to easily replace our manual and time consuming document management process with an automated and more efficient technical solution.”

– Director of Medicare Operations, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Try Blue Relay for Free

Start bulk processing your documents now with a secure, cloud-hosted, instance of Blue Relay.

There are no restricted product features and we can provide you a complimentary white glove experience to get you onboard quickly.

It’s completely free to use for 60 days – no credit card, no hassle.

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