March 4, 2019

Eliminate Manual Work by Adding Event Automation

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Are manual processes holding you back? This blog explores how healthcare professionals can streamline operations, improve performance and increase ROI with Blue Relay.

In today’s world, health care organizations, whether they are health plans, payers, or PBMs, are looking to digitize and streamline their Medicare operations as much as possible. However, from our experience, many organizations still rely on manual processes to accomplish tasks and activities.

Let’s face it: manual actions are time-consuming and drain internal resources. Not only are they prone to human error, but they can result in re-work, costing organizations in both time and money. To further compound the issue, for organizations with compliance requirements, they can ultimately lead to fines and a reduction in CMS star ratings.

Introduction to Events and How to Automate Them

For over a decade, we have been working with Medicare teams to automate events, which are individual actions that take place within Blue Relay and lead to the desired outcome. This could be completing a review task that defines the next best course of action, creating a comparison of two versions of a material after the new version has been ingested into Blue Relay, assigning work to another individual because of a status change, etc.

Blue Relay facilitates the automation of events in several different ways. The platform itself is very flexible in how teams can streamline their activities.

Some of the most common ways Blue Relay automate events with Medicare material teams are:

Automatic Ingestion of Files/Materials from a Content Repository

Upon ingestion, Blue Relay can automatically trigger a workflow assignment, assign a team or individual responsibility for completing a review task, and even run an in-depth comparison from a previous version.

Task triggering based on form submission responses

Certain tasks within Blue Relay require a group of users to complete a form, or compliance checklist, to ensure that all internal and compliance requirements are met. Blue Relay will collect these form responses by every user and automate the hand-off of the task to the most appropriate next stage in the process based on everyone’s responses.

Reassignment of Tasks

Blue Relay can automate the reassignment of a task based on a number of factors; an upcoming due date, data ingestion, form responses, a selected option, and a multitude of other factors.

The main point to take away from this section is that events are extremely configurable; by providing some base triggers and actions, it allows Blue Relay users to mix and match those triggers and actions to automate essentially anything they could do manually within the system.

Benefits of Event Automation

Blue Relay’s clients tell it all. By using Blue Relay’s event automation capabilities, users were able to:

  • Reduce their workflow cycle times by 60%.
  • Execute an average of 127,000 automated events per quarter, with an average of 345,000 automated events during peak quarters.
  • Increase the number of tasks completed by over 200%.
  • Decrease the number of overdue tasks by more than 50%.

Make Annual Updates Easier with Blue Relay

Blue Relay is a Document Process Automation Tool that can help your company adjust to working remotely and remain HIPAA Compliant. Blue Relay helps with Workflow Automation, Team Collaboration, and Document Review and Approval Get your company back on track while remaining compliant.

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