Mudeeha Yousaf
Tech Enthusiast

Health payers are facing pressure to meet compliance checklists and keep up with rigid regulations, all while keeping up with an ever-changing, demanding and tech-savvy customer base.

People are beginning to shop for health insurance like they do for shoes or cars, relying on internet searches to validate their decisions and taking more control over their health. These new technological advancements that are transforming the industry are creating challenges for retaining clients, and payers are seeking ways to overcome this.

The first step is to improve the experience for members – and one way to do so is through more engaging communications and channels.

The Best Way to Begin?

It’s actually in making sure your team has the right tools and processes to efficiently collaborate on new ideas and get the communications out quickly, with more personalization while also adhering to regulations.

Now, you’re probably thinking that’s not so easy. Especially because payers often find themselves in processes that are time-consuming and labor-intensive, not to mention riddled with visibility issues that block them from truly understanding the status of any communication. Improved collaboration between teams is needed to meet the mark, improve member experience and in turn drive profits.

The Blue Relay Solution can:

  • ensure your communications are developed and reviewed for accuracy faster than before;
  • add transparency and visibility to all your internal systems;
  • minimize compliance risks; and
  • assist with a range of program communications including welcome kits, open enrollment periods, administrative documents and more.

With constant and consistent support for your teams in place, member communication development becomes seamless and less of a chore. Blue Relay adds transparency to your legacy systems, minimizes compliance risks and can be customized to any environment.

Watch this video to better understand the challenges of today’s member communication process.