January 13, 2019

Easily Review and Annotate PDFs with Blue Relay

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Reviewing PDFs pose many challenges due to the rigid nature of these document types. The challenges are well known as a recent study reported that 50% of respondents find PDFs difficult to review and annotate. Often the issue lies in acquiring client software which costs time and money to set up. This leads to manually reviewing PDFs which leaves room for human error.

Fortunately, there is a way you can easily add markup directly to a PDF without installing any client software. Not only is adding markup simple, but you can also quickly identify the differences between document versions by displaying the changes directly in the files, even PDFs.

Review and Annotate PDFs without installing client software

Using the Canvas+ feature in Blue Relay, you can directly annotate your documents without needing any client software installed. Online or on the go, annotations are seamlessly integrated allowing convenient and accessible collaboration.

See how you can add markup content directly to a document without installing any client software. Quick and easy!

Quickly compare differences between PDF documents

With Elysium you can simply upload your files and click compare. The side by side results gives you context as to where changes have occurred, and help you understand exactly what is happening with your documents without the need to flip back and forth between documents. It identifies both text and image changes, saving you so much time.

Additionally, you can quickly understand the percentage of differences between the two documents; allowing you to focus your attention on results with more significant changes. With long documents and many changes, change indicators make finding alterations quick and simple by highlighting the affected rows.

Note that Blue Relay supports the review and annotation of several different document types beyond PDFs

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