November 1, 2017

Data-Driven Decisions using Business Process Management Tools

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Data-driven decision making isn’t just for selecting which customer segment you should go for, how to price products, or how to develop your next product, it can also be used to improve how your team works to get more done, quickly and effectively.

Though, decision-makers believe that they lack the support they need to collect and analyze data quickly, according to a study conducted by Vanson Bourne. The study finds that 74% of respondents agree that more visibility over internal processes could lead to operational improvements, yet only 26% believe that the IT department is supporting their need for real-time analysis of data.

This is a troublesome number – especially with the slew of tools and resources companies can have at their fingertips – a top one being Blue Relay‘s powerful – and data-rich – suite of Business Process Management (BPM) features.

What is Business Process Intelligence Tools?

Why are companies flocking towards business intelligence tools? We’re all trying to quickly adapt to the new steady state of change, unlock ways to reduce the barriers that slow us down, and most of all feel more confident in our decision making. These are only a handful of reasons why smart BPM matters (now more than ever) as we all forge ahead in the digital transformation race. Combining BPM tools with data-rich capabilities allows us to truly understand our business operations and gives us visibility into bottlenecks, allowing us to make better decisions.

Business Intelligence Tools: Dashboards and Reports

First you need visibility. You need a way to understand how your team is working, where the issues tend to surface that lead to delays, inaccuracies, rework and more. By employing a tool that tracks all processes and automates mundane tasks like hand-offs for approval, you already are set to improve.

Blue Relay can get you started. The comprehensive report building tool and intuitive dashboard give you complete insight into your work environments. Blue Relay not only automates and tracks all review and approval tasks, it integrates with your other tools like content design applications and fulfillment applications so you can automate and track every move across the communication lifecycle. Now you have the full spectrum of how your team works with content in one place. There’s no more sifting through different applications and people before knowing where the issues are. With real-time information, you can see how review cycles are actually needed to get content out the door, why it takes so many cycles and make changes to reduce time-to-market.

Blue Relay's Dashboard gives you full visibility into all your processes.
Blue Relay’s dashboard gives you full visibility into all your processes.

Also of importance is not only identifying bottlenecks but getting to the root-cause of a problem so the same mistake isn’t made in the future. With Blue Relay’s report builder, you are more empowered with getting the information you need quickly and easily.

Why Invest in Internal Business Intelligence?

By having business intelligence on all your operations, you can begin to understand and improve performance over time – across several departments, people, and projects – leading to greater operational excellence. It begins with defining your metrics with measurable KPIs and to prevent decision-making based on false assumptions. In order to properly manage this, investing in the right software applications need to be the first step.

Use Case

For one of our clients, Blue Relay provided new-found visibility from the start which kick-started the streamlining of their business processes for better outcomes.

For example, we worked with a large Fortune 100 company who handle several communications for their member base.

With one of their project groups, they estimated they managed 200 documents. But after setting up Blue Relay which tracked all documents and versions, it was determined that this number was closer to 2000. The group leveraged the data insight even more so from Blue Relay to understand where in the entire document review cycle they could improve. Further benefits included the automation of manual, mundane processes and leveraging tools like document tracking and version control to reduce administrative work and rework. After 6 months the team reported a 300% increase in review cycle efficiency and a 400% reduction in the number of review cycles required!

Benefits of Blue Relay for Decision Making

  • Being more proactive in addressing process management and efficiency challenges for the organization
  • Reduction in costs
  • Understanding and improving performance over time
  • Increased time to market and quality in output

Tailor-Made Business Solutions

Blue Relay understands that not all businesses work the same. This is why Blue Relay is tailored to meet your companies individual needs.

  • 100% Virtual Implementation
  • Seamless Onboarding and Training
  • Pre-built Workflows and Dashboards

Try Blue Relay for Free

Start bulk processing your documents now with a secure, cloud-hosted, instance of Blue Relay.

There are no restricted product features and we can provide you a complimentary white glove experience to get you onboard quickly.

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