September 13, 2021

Customer Communications Management Service Provider Grows Customer Base with Blue Relay

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Customer Success
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Customer communications management is a complex, risk-prone and expensive activity—regardless of whether the documents are managed by the insurer or an outsourced service provider. These challenges are amplified in health care customer communications, where large teams are required to create, version, and finalize large and complex documents. These documents include, Annual Notice Of Change (ANOC), Evidence Of Coverage (EOC), and Explanation Of Benefits (EOB).  

A large Communications Service Provider implemented Blue Relay as a module to their existing platform for defining and finalizing campaign content. The result was a reduction in the complexity and effort associated with their customer communication management outsourcing program. Additionally, client satisfaction increased as a result of faster content approval times, and reduced overall effort for campaign implementation.  

The Customer

Our client works with some of the largest health care insurance providers in the United States and offers customer communications management outsourcing for member communication campaigns.  

Their service platform includes the efficient creation and versioning of messaging content to meet the complex needs of different plans, geographies, and member segments—all while meeting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance requirements.   

The Challenge

Although the regulatory requirements for member communications remain complex and require expert verification before content is released, a technology platform specifically designed for the review and approval use case can dramatically improve the efficiency and thoroughness of the process.

These review processes typically result in hundreds of discrete change requests and revisions prior to final release. In addition to the resource consumption and loss of client satisfaction created by multiple edit iterations, the process faces several common challenges:   


Detailed, Error Prone Information Exchange  


Tracking and Audit Requirements


Multi-Team Collaboration 


Lack of Visibility into Activity Completion and Workload 



The Solution

We worked with our client to implement Blue Relay as a new module for their product.   Blue Relay provides a single solution where our clients’ customers can review and provide feedback on implemented content. Blue Relay collects and tracks hundreds of individual requests (adds, updates and deletes) on content from the key stakeholders within those customers’ teams.

Each input is automatically tracked and routed to the correct resources on our client’s team. This ensures that each client request is accurately addressed in the minimum number of iterations.  

Blue Relay was used to track all documents, processes and people for some of their programs and it soon became apparent that they were the key solution elements driving the results. The specific benefit for each element included: 


Annotations, Comments and Forms
-> Request Clarity


Issue Routing
-> Timely Action and Resolution


Document Compare
-> Request Clarity


Issue Reporting
-> Management Visibility  


Audit Records
-> Meet Regulatory Reporting Expectations


Document Compare
-> Request Completion Verification

The Results

Following initial implementation, our client is now offering Blue Relay as a service option across its health care client base. The solution has become a key enabler of efficient customer communications management and content management as a high-value outsourcing offering. 

The results have included: 

Client Usage, Revenue, and Stickiness

  1. Client Usage, Revenue and Stickiness   

    Six unique customers have signed up for the service, driving additional revenue and integration.  The workflow automation support is expected to reinforce retention rates for client relationships. 
  1. SLA Compliance  

    Completion of approved communications programs has been accelerated. One major campaign during open enrolment was successfully completed three weeks ahead of schedule. In an industry where last minute campaign completions are common this was a significant achievement. 
  1. User Adoption

    User adoption has increased by 400% from the originally intended user base. Client and user adoption is expected to increase significantly in the coming year.  
  1. Internal Usage

    The client has increased their internal usage reflecting the advantage of managing multiple functions and roles within Blue Relay. 

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