August 23, 2017

We’re Competing for the title of “IBM Watson Build Global Champion”

Customer Success
Customer Success
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We’ve officially made it to round two of the Watson Build – an initiative we’re taking on to build a cognitive solution that we can bring to market. The competition allows IBM Business Partners around the globe a chance to become a champion within their geographic region. At the end, one Business Partner from each of the seven geographies will compete in the final round.

The Champions will receive:

  • Recognition at a 2018 IBM global client event, with complimentary accommodations
  • Placement in the IBM Marketplace and Bluemix Catalog
  • Feature article placement on Cognitive Voices

Blue Relay and Watson Share Cognitive Spotlight

Participating in the competition is an opportunity for us to showcase the powerful capabilities behind Blue Relay and offer our clients a new way of thinking that could change the way they do business. Specifically, we’re experimenting with a solution that supports highly regulated communication initiatives for the Healthcare Payer industry that simplifies language so it can be accessible by all.

Currently, many institutions are challenged with the ability to provide communications to members in plain language and have a lack of tools to assess document complexity. That’s why we decided to step in and amplify Blue Relay’s software platform (with help from Watson) to include automated execution, assessment results usable for process automation, enhanced visualization options and feedback mechanisms to enable learning capabilities.

We’re on a mission to try to relieve the Healthcare Payer industry with the burden of meeting strict compliance requirements, which has pushed organizations to maintain large teams of professionals responsible for editing, approving and reviewing content. Our new offering aims to use Watson APIs on IBM Cloud to automate content assessment for accessibility, comprehension level and tone, and improve compliance automation.

The addition of Watson’s natural language processing to Blue Relay compliments the needs of the Healthcare Payer industry and will hopefully revolutionize their processes in the years to come.

Next Steps

The Watson Build challenge received hundreds of submissions spanning industries like retail, healthcare, agriculture and banking, to name a few. Of these, just over a hundred Business Partner firms were selected to move on to Phase Two.

We imagined it, and now we’re building it! Phase Two will wrap up on October 1, and the grand finale pitch will commence in November.

Stay tuned to keep up with our progress!

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