November 6, 2017

Celebrate World Paper Free Day With Us

Customer Success
Customer Success
Closeup photo of a custom keyboard key that is light blue and says paperless in white instead of a letter, and has an image of a tree in white

We’re taking the pledge to go paper-less on Nov. 6th (and every other day) for World Paper-Free Day 2017.

Launched by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), organizations of all kinds are committing to improving their processes by working smarter and decreasing the paper entry points and, instead, expanding their digital office.

We’d like to think that every day is a paper-free one – as Blue Relay makes document management simple and easy without any need for wasteful documents in the review process. Though, according to AIIM, the average office worker uses about four dozen sheets of paper per day, of which about half is considered waste. Going paperless helps businesses save space and money, boost productivity and keeps information more secure while also making sharing it easier.

What we’re going to do on this day to reduce paper usage?

Nothing – we’re already paper-less! But, our mission today – and every day – is to emphasize how important managing your documents with simplified processes are.

The Benefits of Converting Paper to Electronic Documents

Blue Relay is putting an end to traditional business processes – ones where filing cabinets are stuffed with unorganized documents and sifting through these documents is an administrative task hated by all.

Storing and reviewing electronic documents in Blue Relay:

  • Makes it easier to find and share;
  • Improves ROI and compliance; and
  • Increases security, as unauthorized persons can’t view a document without permission.

World Paper-free day AIIM’s to digitize content, improve enterprise ability to service customers quickly and effectively, facilitate collaboration, improve access to information for team members, and increase overall productivity.

Those looking to make the leap from traditional to the future of business processes can benefit from a high-level consultation from our professional team on the benefits of managing your documents with Blue Relay.

Easily manage your processes, materials and teams with Blue Relay.

Try Blue Relay for Free

Start bulk processing your documents now with a secure, cloud-hosted, instance of Blue Relay.

There are no restricted product features and we can provide you a complimentary white glove experience to get you onboard quickly.

It’s completely free to use for 60 days – no credit card, no hassle.

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