March 2, 2018

Blue Relay Receives Recognition for Advancing the Healthcare Industry Forward

Customer Success
Customer Success
Logo for the Xplor Techonology of the year 2018 award

We have an extra hop in our steps today, largely due to our recent news that we have received an Honorable Mention for Xplor International’s Technology of the Year Award! Xplor, the worldwide, not-for-profit professional association that recognizes document technology solutions, has handpicked BlueRelay for its powerful suite of workflow and document management tools that simplifies document approval processes,  improves quality and facilitates compliance adherence for customer communications.

“It is great to be recognized amongst the excellent nominees for this year’s award,” commented Adam Caromicoli. “We are very impressed that the Xplor organization carefully reviewed and recognized the case studies and client results that we are so proud of for Blue Relay when evaluating contenders for this award.”

Blue Relay is trusted for its ability to automate and strengthen workflows and improves outcomes across several industries, but particularly for healthcare payers who use Blue Relay to manage thousands of documents in their member communication process, saving valuable time and money – the message that we will be taking with us to Orlando, Florida next week for the Health Plan Innovation Summit. We can’t wait to showcase Blue Relay to health plans at the Summit and help unlock better sales and marketing outcomes.

We’ll be returning to Orlando on April 17, 2018, when we accept a plaque of recognition at Xplor’s Technology of the Year award ceremony.

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