February 19, 2019

Blue Relay – Your One-Stop Solution for QA Material Review

Customer Success
Customer Success

Do you struggle to have the right data and reporting to understand the current state of your business? This blog explores how to streamline the QA process to give you the insights you’ve been searching for.

Over the past several weeks, we have worked long and hard to optimize the material review and quality assurance process. How? With our document management tool, Blue Relay.

Why Blue Relay for Quality Assurance?

  • Blue Relay can take a set of tasks and streamline them in an automated, efficient manner via its customizable workflows.
  • Blue Relay can facilitate visibility and collaboration for material teams that struggle to communicate on tasks and processes.

But what if you wanted a tool that could help not only understand every process in the present but one that could assist business leaders in strategic planning for optimizing their year-over-year planning for the future?  Below is a rundown of the unique features Blue Relay can offer to help make this possible.

Data & Reporting

Blue Relay tracks all the data related to events and processes within the platform, assigning tags, attributes, and time-stamps on every action. Not only is this great for live audits, but it also enables material teams to report on their QA procedures. Blue Relay’s Report Engine allows its users to slice and dice the information associated with the processes as they see fit, eliminating any white noise in data that can skew the actual state of the business. These customized reports can even be scheduled automatically by Blue Relay, and instantly shared with all relevant team members, thus eliminating the manual work required to generate these reports.


Reporting is great, but at times it can be difficult for us to parse and understand information unless it is presented to us visually. This is where Blue Relay’s dashboards and business intelligence visualizations (i.e. widgets) play a huge role for material team leads and business managers. Similar to reports, dashboards can be configured based on the information desired to be displayed, and the type of role or program an individual is responsible for overseeing. For example, a Medicare material leader can easily configure a custom dashboard to visually display all relevant information related to their ANOC, EOC, and SB programs.

Such dashboards allow leaders to gain real-time insight into everything that is being reported on in Blue Relay; QA processes, responsibilities, due dates, and statuses on all materials. This insight allows guidance for strategic decision making by identifying bottlenecks in their processes, and the next best course of actions to streamline procedures moving forward.

Not only can Blue Relay report on everything going on in the system, but because of its RESTFUL API, it can integrate with virtually any external system and ingest data to be displayed on its dashboards as well. This helps to consolidate all relevant data connected with material review teams, eliminating the need to jump in and out of different systems.

Learn how Blue Relay can transform your QA teams, deliver better review and approval processes and provide a heightened experience for your members today.

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