March 29, 2017

Blue Relay 4.0 is coming!

David Found
Vice President of Product
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It’s been an exciting few months here in preparation for Blue Relay version 4.0, but the wait is nearly over. This release fuses feedback from our customers combined with industry research to deliver our greatest version yet. Next week we will discuss, in detail, all of the great new features included in this major release that will be hitting the market on April 4 2017. In the meantime, here is a little teaser for what’s to come:

  • Enhanced Visibility – We’ve extended the Blue Relay dashboard to support portal-like behaviour. Without writing a line of code, you can centralize information from any other source and display it in the way you want. It’s the dashboard you’ve been waiting for.
  • Stronger Security – Eliminate the use of disconnected user management. The new version takes your security one step further and seamlessly enables Blue Relay to authenticate with your existing Active Directory.
  • Greater Accuracy – Our side-by-side document compare engine has undergone a significant overhaul; essentially a rewrite from scratch. We focused our efforts on upmost accuracy which our competitors can only dream of. Paired with the power of Blue Relay’s built-in automation, we embark on a new level of performance.
  • More Convenience – Blue Relay has always provided document storage capabilities, but we also understand that many organizations already have solutions to manage this. Now, you can bring your existing document management platform to life by layering Blue Relay on top to help better manage document review and approvals. This makes the entire process transparent, seamless and simple.

Stay tuned next week for a deeper dive on each of these key features that powers Blue Relay 4.0, setting a new industry standard.

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