May 15, 2017

The Best of Blue Relay

Customer Success
Customer Success
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Blue Relay helps unlock new value and efficiencies in the workplace and is on a mission to deliver better business processes – one company at a time. The enterprise software tool strives to keep its customers happy and relieve enterprises from the shackles of slow moving processes and siloes. Its unique customizations blend into any and all IT and regulatory environments. Below we’ve highlighted Blue Relay’s greatest assets that leave our customers wanting more.

Dashboard Visualizations

Just like NASA’s missions are completed with the help of a central motherboard for constant communication and to ensure smooth sailing, Blue Relay’s dashboard houses all of the information your team needs to carry on its processes. Today’s businesses rely on a multitude of information from different sources – but it’s easy to get lost in a sea of information which can blur your end goal. But visibly and clearly seeing your business’ key metrics in a single view can change the game. Blue Relay’s dashboard offers a controlled environment to house your critical information in real-time. It can also pull data from multiple sources and customize that data in a way that’s meaningful for your needs.

Blue Relay always provides real-time data through its dashboard widgets to ensure you have proper insight into your managed processes and documents.

Now, instead of struggling to stay on the same page at your next corporate meeting, just pull up the Blue Relay dashboard and look at the same set of numbers as everyone else on your team. Our powerful dashboard will reveal any problem areas, allowing your team to handle issues as they arise in just a glance.

Integrated Review Checklists

Checklists aren’t just for remembering everything on your grocery list. Blue Relay uses compliance checklists to amp up a business’ review process. By having the checklist component embedded alongside a document to let the user know exactly what they need to review for approval, an employee’s time is freed up and they can rest assured that they’re never missing a step in the process. This organized list of tasks also improves the quality and accuracy of communications to meet compliance regulations and will come in handy when the time comes for changes in regulations (or if someone is sick that day and someone else needs to review!).

After all, any oversight or error in a company’s files can cost you more than a few bucks, but mark your brand untrustworthy and aloof. Blue Relay’s powerful checklist functionality ensures your important files are given the attention they deserve and are fully compliant.

Compliance checklists are optionally embedded in each review stage to eliminate mistakes, facilitate approvals and reduce review time.

Data and Analytics

How do you store your data? With a plethora of data and documents that never seem to slow down, we understand that companies are struggling to keep up. Blue Relay provides access to data that many systems don’t even store. We focus on performance so your data is never lost and you have access to it whenever you need it.

With real-time reports, you can gain updates on where you stand with your data quickly and seamlessly. Analyzing your data has never been easier with Blue Relay’s ability to connect complex data from multiple sources in one area and using visual aids that are most meaningful to you.

Reports are delivered in real-time and can be scheduled for automated delivery at the frequency you chose.

Accurate data is the lifeblood of a results-oriented business. A leading workflow solution like Blue Relay allows decision-makers to stay informed and choose the best path no matter the circumstance.

Easily manage your processes, materials and teams with Blue Relay.

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