Adapting a ‘Bring Your Own Tools’ Mentality with Blue Relay

Mudeeha Yousaf

Deliver fast and accurately. That is the goal, right? Working with several companies over the years, we see the increasing pressure they are under to deliver faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Many believe they have it under control with their technology stack and processes. Yet, when we looked closer, they are inundated []

Compliance Checklists

How Blue Relay Makes Compliance Adherence Easier

Mudeeha Yousaf

For regulated industries, managing compliance requirements can be complex and time-consuming. Often managed manually, the room for error can be large and the fines even larger. Introducing compliance checks into your day-to-day activities, and implementing tools that promote simple and greater use, reflect good practice in the document management process. But how can this be []


Blue Relay Takes on Cognitive with New Products and Services

Gordon Uszkay

Why is anyone interested in automating natural language comprehension? Maybe one day in the future, computers will understand us – REALLY understand – and be able to answer us, ask questions and do what we want. That day is a long way away, if it ever comes, but with today’s technologies – like Watson Tone []


We’re Competing for the title of “IBM Watson Build Global Champion”

Mudeeha Yousaf

Indellient – the brains behind Blue Relay – are turning imagination into reality. We’ve officially made it to round two of the Watson Build – an initiative we’re taking on to build a cognitive solution that we can bring to market. The competition allows IBM Business Partners around the globe a chance to become a champion []


How Health Payers Can Meet AEP Deadlines

Mudeeha Yousaf

When processes aren’t being managed properly, health insurers suffer – and so do their profit margins. This is especially troublesome come Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP). Payers are moving quickly now as September 30 is the deadline to have all AEP materials out to members – and there is no room for mistakes. It’s important []


How to Be More Efficient with Your Member Communication Processes

Mudeeha Yousaf

Health payers are facing pressure to meet compliance checklists and keep up with rigid regulations, all while keeping up with an ever-changing, demanding and tech-savvy customer base. People are beginning to shop for health insurance like they do for shoes or cars, relying on internet searches to validate their decisions and taking more control over []


How Health Payers Can Learn the Secret to Customer Satisfaction

Mudeeha Yousaf

The healthcare industry is changing its tune from once being focused on “patient engagement” to “customer satisfaction”. Patients are now seen as consumers of healthcare that demand a buyer experience like that of any other industry – fast and painless (pun-intended). The health insurance sector only scored a 72/100 in 2016, so there is definite []


How To Get the Most Out of SharePoint With Blue Relay

Mudeeha Yousaf

Team’s around the globe have one goal in mind: to better their collaborative efforts to meet the stringent requirements laid out by the changing market place. They require the right tools to enable intelligent decision-making, better document management and easier workflows so they can prosper and keep up with the competition. Specifically, they want to []


Top Things You Need to Know About Blue Relay

Dave Found

Many of our long-time users know how valuable Blue Relay is to their document review and approval processes – and an asset to their overall workflow. But for those who haven’t hopped on the gravy train or are still navigating Blue Relay’s many features, don’t worry because it’s never too late to unlock its benefits. []


How Useful is BPM in Addressing Compliance Issues?

Dave Found

The content below was published on Corporate Compliance Insights Blog – a knowledge-sharing forum designed to educate and encourage informed interaction within the corporate compliance, governance and risk community. To read the original post, click here. Business Process Management is Critical on Multiple Fronts When people hear the word “compliance,” they often imagine red tape and a []