About Blue Relay

Blue Relay is a robust and intuitive document and process management platform that is designed to help organizations seamlessly create and circulate communications for approval while meeting tight deadlines.

Visibility and Control

Blue Relay is Indellient’s flagship product. Blue Relay offers a powerful suite of workflow & document management tools that simplifies document approval processes & improves quality and compliance. From insurance, financial, legal, real estate, government or energy, our solution is greatly valued in increasingly regulated industries for its ability to improve productivity, accuracy and compliance. Powerful features like workflow, document comparison, annotations, and dashboards allow you to accelerate approval processes by streamlining collaboration.

Configurable and Interoperable

Understanding that organizations use several tools and legacy systems, we have designed Blue Relay to easily integrate among your current toolsets to provide an extra layer of visibility into your business processes, in real-time. For example, our two-way API services can connect into SharePoint, customer communication platforms, production services and more.

What We Stand For

Customer First

We view our customer’s success as our success. We work closely as a team to ensure we deliver creative, useful and robust solutions for tough customer problems. With this mentality, we know our software will continue to help organizations grow and improve – which is what motivates us each day.

Dependable Software

When designing software, we focus on customer needs, use cases and simple user experience. To ensure we are designing software that will stand the test of time, we build it based on 4 main pillars: flexibility, configurability, interoperability and visibility.

About Indellient

Indellient is a software development and consulting firm that is working to meet the critical technology objectives of today’s Fortune 100 companies. Using cutting edge technology and industry best practices, we drive their businesses forward and provide efficient solutions to complex challenges.