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Learn how in just 3 months, ESI used Automation to Significantly Improve the Accuracy, Speed and Effectiveness of Developing Member Materials

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How are you managing CMS changes for member communications each year? In this session, ESI and technology partner, Indellient, will walk you through the key ingredients needed to successfully improve operations to meet CMS guidelines and member needs while ensuring you can optimize your current investments.

BlueRelay Enterprise Software

BlueRelay gives you complete control and visibility into your current business processes while achieving 300% gains in efficiency. Powerful features like document routing, comparison and annotations allow you to accelerate approval processes by streamlining collaboration.

Customizable Workflows

Simplify your approval process by removing the need to circulate documents manually. BlueRelay lets you electronically distribute documents for collaboration with a few simple clicks. Sharing and collaborating has never been easier.

Assign and distribute to key stakeholders

User customizable workflows allow electronic management of business processes for approval and review of documents by the appropriate teams.

Easily manage all your documents

Real-time reports, configurable dashboards and e-mail notifications provide up-to-date statuses of all documents in BlueRelay.

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Configurable Dashboards

Configurable dashboards provide easy-to-consume information that makes it easy to determine bottlenecks, areas of urgency, workload and more. Customize your dashboard to get the information you need at any time.

Improve your visibility for greater control

Stay on top of all documents, jobs or programs from a central dashboard. View it in real-time.

Connect information from multiple sources

Connect complex data from multiple sources. Easily view, analyze and customize all data in one dashboard.

Real-time Reporting

Customizable, real-time reporting provides updates by jobs/projects, people, status and more. No longer feel ill-informed or behind. With everything tracked, this is great for status updates and auditing purposes.

Your reports, your way

Reports are delivered in real-time and can be scheduled for automated delivery at the frequency you chose.

Gain valuable insights into business processes

Gain insight into all processes with fully customizable reporting and complete historical data of user actions.

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Side-by-Side Compare

Pinpoint differences between two document versions automatically. BlueRelay provides a powerful comparison tool that marks differences clearly, saving you time.

Find changes quickly

In-document highlighting provides visibility into text and image differences.

Works great for revisions

Side-by-side comparison results help identify small differences from one iteration to the next.

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Provide feedback where it matters. BlueRelay allows you and your team to give feedback directly within documents. All your comments, suggestions and changes are stored and shared in a single place.

Inline editing - online and on the go

Canvas+ and CanvasPad technologies enable you to quickly add annotations directly onto your documents.

Share ideas and modifications in real-time

Continue contributing on mobile platforms, even when offline, without missing a step.

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More Features

BlueRelay is packed with an amazing set of powerful and fully customizable features! Our platform can be customized to meet your specific industry requirements and standards, while seamlessly integrating into your company’s ecosystem. Self-registration and invitations make onboarding your team a breeze. Once your account is set up, the power of Blue Relay is at your fingertips with an intuitive user interface and interactive tour.

Robust APIs

Using our two-way API service, BlueRelay integrates with existing enterprise systems and applications for greater interoperability.

Quality Assurance Checklists

Detailed forms ensure quality standards are achieved and identify persistent issues that require further action.

In-Document Search

Quickly find documents using tags, attributes or file contents.

Hosted or Deployed Solutions

BlueRelay is offered in an online SaaS model. On-premise hosted solutions are also available for enterprise clients.

My experience with the tool was excellent. The efficiencies gained, allowed my staff to increase workload by over 300 percent without increase to headcount.

Tom Ferrazzano, Sr. Director Enterprise Document Management


increase in review
cycle efficiency


reduction in number of
review cycles required

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